Friday, October 1, 2010


I know I do have so many stories to tell you what I have done this year but for now, I have been thinking a lot because many of the second year volunteers are soon finishing their services this coming December. It is funny because a year ago, I had met several Deaf Education Volunteers whom had finished serving their first year and other had second year but adding third year. Now I could see they have to constantly think of things or whatsoever is coming because their services is coming to the end but bringing back rich experiences and memories. At that moment, I started to think since this year is my first year and soon it will be my second year coming on, I would probably feel the same. Thinking about a lot of things such as missing the Deaf children at my school, learning much about culture, language and such and many more. I know for sure I would be scared to come back home to USA because it is entirely different what I have lived here than in USA but I know I have to face that one day. But I know I will be okay but will come back a different person for sure, who knows?

Funny, I was laughing at this memory. One day, I was sleeping in the housemother's room and if you see the ceiling up there and you will see a wall that has the top part coming off which is normal in some places though. I was in a heavy sleep and didn't feel anything at all until I screamed. (Remember I live in the same building as the girls and the housemother so it is pretty easy to see them at any daily basis) It was when I realized that the girls had thrown something over the wall to get my attention since I had locked the inner door and they had thrown several things such as boxes and keys and I had to open the door suddenly and the girls were looking at me to tell me they had to get my attention and was laughing because the other housemother (who takes care of the boys) needed the housemother's room to get something but couldnt because it was locked. It was so funny because we all laughed so hard and it was the moment, I felt the girls are my family as well as the school.  I also knew I would miss the children when I do go back home.

Will tell more stories later when I can and hope you enjoy my stories. I have this quote I like:

"If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. But if you educate a girl, you educate the community."
-African Proverb