Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first year in Peace Corps

This will be my first to blog this site: When I first arrived Kenya in month of November, I don't think I have ever experienced culture-shock just yet but experiencing the feeling of staying in another country for full two years which I thought I would be ready but after going through two months of training with my group which contains 25 of us, from secondary/primary school, math & science and as well as Deaf Education. Those two months had been so quick and it was hard for me to let go my group but I knew I had to go and be at my site to be able to help with the deaf children as my site is called Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf in Ogongo, Kenya which is between Homa Bay and Mbita about 45 minutes in between.

At first, it was kind of awkward because I was entirely in a different place where I was accustomed to Loitokitok, the primary place where we were trained for the entire two months but many of the deaf children there greeted me and found out that I live in the same building compound as the girls and the housemother which was fairly nice....It was hard for me the first few weeks but later on, it went on smoothly.....For now, I will tell more stories as I am heading off to do some things and will return back with more tidbits of life in Kenya.

Salama sana!

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