Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time has gone by so fast!

        Wow, I just checked my last blog post and it was just a month ago! Right now, I just calculated that I have been here in Kenya for a year now and only have a year left to go! Right now, I am working with another Deaf teacher at Lambwe working on how to develop KSL exams for Classes 2 to 7 and I had already did Class 8 few weeks ago since next week is their KCPE exam (it's like exam for 8th grade, which gives results to go to high school that can equalize their scores to get in, if you know what I mean).
       It has been pretty interesting teaching Deaf children here in Kenya, you just don't only teach them but there are many ways you can work with them such as being there for them, making sure they can do something like I have done for a long time such as doing things I wanted like: volunteering for Peace Corps (which is the one I actually am doing right now), and few other goals such as going for graduate school, having kids and many that I want to do. But right now, the important part is to be a role model for the Deaf children here at my school, it can be a hard job since it is not an easy task to do.
       Funny thing, the children here are surprised that a Deaf person such as me, as we are same in many ways being Deaf can identify their emotions which they often ask me how can I know. I simply tell them it just takes me to look at a Deaf child if they are sad, angry or any other feelings by their expressions, eyes or behavior. I often have to ask them if they are alright but they can just say they are fine which actually they are not. So I just try my best to keep them in positive spirits instead of wallowing themselves down.
     Also, that brought me up thoughts I have had such as "How do you know I am a good teacher?" "How do I put myself as a role model?" and many other thoughts. When you are a volunteer like myself, you will eventually analyze yourself more and come to understand yourself better, not only that, you will see that yourself when you are around the children like if you are not sure if they like you or not.
I can give you a good example:

            I usually travel out of my school when I go to Kisumu, or any workshops or any other place and I often think about my children at school and often wonder if they miss me or not, such things like that. So one time before, I had to go to Machakos for the training of new Deaf Education group which enabled me to stay for a week (that's the longest time I have been away from my kids). I had told the children that I would be back after a week which means back on Saturday or Sunday. I had already began to miss them on the first day when I arrived to Machakos and after I was done with the training, I came back to my town, Ogongo, ready to see my kids and see how they react when I came back. Wow, I was really surprised to see many of my kids come running fast to greet (I can't tell how many of them, but so many of them) me and obviously, they have had missed me as I had for them. I felt good to be with my kids. That now made me wonder, because now I know for sure that I would miss them very much when I come back to USA and I am grateful that I took pictures of them (I mean there are so much pictures of them as they love pictures themselves). I may have my ups and downs here in Kenya but I am grateful that I came here to teach them here in Kenya.

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