Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is my group's one year anniversary being a Peace Corps Volunteer

             Thought I'd write up about my group's one year anniversary since we have landed into Kenya last year, as a newbies and seeking new boundaries that we all will eventually break through.
              Funny, just today, I was remembering our days last year while we stayed in Loitokitok during our two months of training, and right now, we had just passed our one year being a Peace Corps Volunteer and not even one of us had left so the remaining 25 of us had stayed strong for a year. It is amazing how long we all had stayed and made it through but we do have a year left to make it through together again, even if one or few are far away from each other but still all of us are here.
             I am really glad that I had endured my one year being a Peace Corps Volunteer which gave me more than I expected in a year. I am looking forward to another year being here in Kenya and bringing back enriched memories and experiences once I come back to USA but will eventually feel different coming back there. I know I do miss everyone there but I also know I will miss everyone here in Kenya so I am grabbing my time with people, culture, language such as KSL (Kenyan Sign Language) and other things while I am here.
            To my group, I am really grateful that I know each one of you and all of us have made it through even there are obstacles. We eventually had made it pass a year now! I hope the other new groups will do the same! Lala Salama (Kiswahili for Sweet Dreams)! Keep doing what we do!

Much love,

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